Interior Flooring – Screed A

Screed A is a durable, high-efficiency, self-leveling flooring system ideal for radiant heated floors.

Why use Screed A?

Where to Use Agilia Screed A


Do you know that terrible feeling of walking on freezing cold tile? The screed A flooring solution is designed to maximize comfort. Best used for high-end flooring such as tile and rare hardwood, you can see how hot and cold spots are avoided in this thermal imaging.

Product Specifications

Flow range: 
Agilia™ Screed A 240-270mm 
Agilia™ Screed A Fina 
Maintenance of fluidity 4 hours

Compressive strength: 
Agilia™ Screed A 16-35 MPa 
Agilia™ Screed A Fina 25-40 MPa 
Flexural strength at 28 days 4 – 10 MPa
PH > 10 

Agilia™ Screed A 2000 -2200 kg /m
Agilia™ Screed A Fina 1700-1900 kg /m 3
Thermal expansion 0.012 mm/m.K
Drying shrinkage < 0.015%
Thermal conductivity 2.2 W/ m.K
Agilia™ Screed A
Bonded 20mm min.
Unbonded 25mm min.
Over thermal /sound insulation
35mm min.
Over radiant pipes 44mm min.
Agilia™ Screed A Fina
Bonded 0-25mm
Drying time at 20 °C 60% RH:
Up to 40 mm thickness 1 mm/day
Over 40 mm thickness 0.5 mm/day

Ambient Conditions

Agilia™ Screed A must only be laid when the air temperature is between 5°C and 30°C. The substrate must not be frozen and ideally should be within the indicated temperature range. The ambient conditions must be suitable for the drying of the screed – low air humidity (60% RH or less) and good ventilation. No curing is required, however the floor should not be subjected to severe drafts, direct sunlight or heating for the first 72 hours.


Control joints are not required in areas up to 10,000 sq. ft. depending on area layout and application.

Slump-flow Measurement

When Agilia™ Screed A arrives on site the slump--ow of the material should be 240 to 270mm for Agilia™Screed A and 340 to 380mm for Agilia™ Screed A Fina (depending on conditions) when measured using the appropriate equipment.

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