Grass & Garden Maintenance

Our Dedicated Property Maintenance Team works hard so you don’t have to!

Lawn Maintenance (Weekly)

Our property maintenance division offers a high quality of service through our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Working at both commercial and residential properties in Ottawa and the surrounding area we would be happy to customize a proposal to meet the unique needs of the property.

One weekly lawn care visit, up to 25 visits a season. Each visit will include:

Removal of debris/garbage from all lawn areas as per contract

Mowing all lawn areas as per contract to a height of 3”

Trimming the grass next to walkways, foundations,etc.

Blowing grass clippings and debris clear from walkways, patios,etc.

Heat waves and or long periods of drought in the summer months can lead to lawns going dormant and cease growing. In this situation, the lawns may not be mowed either because the lawn has not grown in height since the previous visit or mowing the lawn will cause damage to the lawn. Properties with a functioning lawn irrigation system generally are not affected by periods of drought or heat waves and therefore would be exempt from this situation.

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