Caring for your pool

10 swimming pool maintenance tips to consider

The first rule of thumb for pool care is to have your water tested monthly. By bringing a water sample from your pool to our store for testing, you can catch an imbalance before it gets costly. A water test will tell you the levels of your alkalinity, pH, chlorine, stabilizer, calcium, metals, and salt along with indicators on what should be adjusted. Our system keeps track of your results over time giving further insight into how to keep your pool healthy.

Algicide is only a band-aid

It will kill algae but it won’t tackle the source. Remove the problem without overdosing your pool through weekly maintenance.

Chlorine can’t tackle oil from skin, hair and body products

A product such as Swim Weekly has enzymes that break down phosphates to make your water crystal clear, reduce scrubbing and clean your filter less.

Stabilizer is acid

Hanging solid stabilizer in pantyhose, squeezing it and waiting two weeks for it to dissolve has all sorts of nasty potential. Consider a liquid stabilizer that takes action evenly and quickly.

Water level matters

Keep water levels ¾ up the skimmer opening. As kids splash, evaporation occurs or when there is heavy rainfall, water levels fluctuate. Be careful with pumps as they have potential to damage pool walls or liners. Remember your monthly water test as water is added or removed.

Don’t leave your solar cover on for more than 48 hours.

Let your pool breathe. A covered pool cannot oxidize waste water – causing problems like algae, cloudy water and high alkalinity. Take the cover off at least half way every two days.

Clean your salt cell at the beginning of the season

 this will ensure optimal performance.

Use filter cleaner solution

by soaking your filters in the solution it will break down anything that has collected on it.

Backwash sand filters

do so when the pressure gauge indicates a 7-10 lbs. increase over normal operating pressure.

Point your jets down, diagonally and in the same direction.

this ensures proper circulation. Never point a jet directly at your skimmer.

Empty pump and filter baskets

Keep the baskets clear of all debris. Check and empty them to ensure proper water flow.

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